Smith Pak Working Dogs

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Smith Pak Working Dogs is a full service K9 company

Protecting Spokane, Washington and All Surrounding Areas…One Search At A Time!

We specialize in the training and implementation of a variety of professional working dogs.

Since, Smith Pak Working Dogs breeds their own dogs, all dogs are tested to determine the appropriate path of training and development. The dogs will be trained for working, sport, service, or family pets.

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Government Facilities

We provide K9 sweeps and searches to jails, public schools, and mailrooms. We primarily focus on narcotics, weapons, and explosives. We feel that it’s important to provide PROACTIVE MEASURES that can prevent terrorism or drug trafficking by using K9s to sweep your facilities.

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Festivals, Concerts and Events

Our K9s will sniff, search, sweep, screen, and help deter/prevent any illegal contraband from your event. Domestic and international terrorism is a real threat, and detecting dogs can help keep your event space safe.
We can search for bombs or drugs at promotional events, religious events, school events, political events, charity events, and more! Our K9s can sweep at patrons enter or exit as well as search the surrounding perimeter, including vehicles, to boost event security and increase safety.

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Commercial Searches

Are you a business owner that would like to have lockers, break rooms or work vehicles cleared? Have you talked to your insurance company about discounts on your policy for random K9 searches?

Hire professional, highly trained and certified K9 teams to help protect your business from unwanted drugs or contraband.

Make sure your next corporate event or venue is safe for all attendees.

Commercial tractor search

Private Searches

In the privacy of your home, garage, rentals, shops, vehicles, or any other property…we are able to provide discreet and thorough searches with our certified and trained K9 teams.

We can offer you options and choices, with complete discretion so you can make a decision without the authorities and without anyone being arrested.

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Search and Rescue/Tracking

Search dogs play a vital role in Search & Rescue.  With their superior sense of smell, ability to move quickly and in places that are difficult for humans to go, they enhance the ability of search teams to fulfill their mission. 

It takes the right handler and the right dog to make a successful team and we believe that it is quality training and education that results in competent K9 teams that assist in bringing home the lost, the missing and find the ones who can no longer speak to us. 
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Education and Seminars

We offer many education opportunities and seminars throughout the year.

We want rescues, shelters, K9 teams, owners and any pet professional to receive advanced and further education to assist them when interacting or working with any K9.

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Education Facilities

Education facilities are always at risk to contain illegal drugs and contraband.

Sometimes, it is not always the students. Keeping the halls of education facilities is always our top priority.

We can keep all searches discreet, before, during or after hours and can include classrooms, lockers, maintenance areas, vehicles, buses, athletic areas and stadiums.

We are available 24/7 to search.

Working dogs for sale

Dogs For Sale

We specialize in East German Working Lines. Our original dams and sires were imported from Slovakia.

We take huge pride in our dogs. All of our dogs come with health and working guarantees and lifetime breeder support.

We health test each and every one of our breeding dogs before they are bred.

Tests are conducted to ensure that each dog possess the drives and character traits necessary to be successful within a home or at work.

We have the ability to also obtain and train older dogs for any purpose you are seeking.

Check out our current German Shepherd puppies

Handler students in class

Handler Courses

We offer a 3 and 4 week K9 Handler course for you and your dog.

We are able to train your dog or provide you with an already trained dog.

You must complete and pass a written exam and pass all practicals using ASCT guidelines and certification standards.

Dedication and devotion to learning and becoming a dynamic K9 team is the utmost importance to our Instructors and Trainers.